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Our Program

At Lindfield Activity Centre, we believe in providing children with an inclusive environment where they feel safe, secure and supported to express themselves and learn new skills. We believe strongly in the principle of free play and encourage children to choose how they would like to spend their time with us.

Our program also provides the opportunity for structured intentional teaching, focused around a weekly theme that relates to questions on the blackboard, craft, cooking and group activities. This theme aims to meet a learning outcome or principle in My Time, Our Place Framework. 

The voices and interests of children are important to us and are taken into account when planning our future programs. This is done through conversations, observations of interests and discussions on the blackboard. Families are also asked to contribute to the program through conducting or participating in activities, surveys, conversations, feedback forms and committee meetings.

LAC also acknowledges the need for children to have access to quiet time, so we have couches nearby to bookcases to encourage a quiet area for reading and relaxation.

Before School Care
7:15am - 9:00am
We provide before school care every day for children who attend Lindfield Public School. Children are given the opportunity to have a healthy breakfast with us or participate in games and activities inside and in our various outdoor environments

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We believe in free play!


After School Care

3:00pm - 6:00pm

We provide after school care every day for children who attend Lindfield Public School. Children are given the opportunity to have a healthy afternoon tea with us before participating in games and activities inside and in our various outdoor environments.

Vacation Care

7:15am - 6:00pm

We provide a competitive and affordable vacation care program for school aged children children in the local community. We run a variety of daily incursion or excursion programs with structured rotation activities and plenty of time for free play. 

Term and Week Themes


  1. Under the Sea

  2. Jungle

  3. Desert

  4. Safari Week

  5. Polar Adventures

  6. Outer Space

  7. The Amazing Race

  8. Outback

  9. Treasure Island

  10. Australian Animals


  1. Sports

  2. Movie

  3. Books

  4. Music

  5. Science

  6. Friendship

  7. Imagination

  8. Art

  9. Circus

  10. Family


  1. Sweden

  2. Brazil

  3. NewZealand

  4. Egypt

  5. Indonesia

  6. France

  7. Canada

  8. South Africa

  9. South Korea

  10. Germany


  1. Wonders of the World

  2. Ocean

  3. Our Future

  4. Who am I?

  5. Earth

  6. Our History

  7. Our Galaxy

  8. Love

  9. The Ancient World

  10. Holidays

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