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Extra-Curricular Permission Form


If your child attends an extra-curricular activity while they are at after school care, you can elect for an Educator to take them to and from their activity by filling out the attached form. Please ensure that the permission form has been fully completed and provided to the centre for any extra-curricular activities they wish for their child to attend before they can be escorted to their activity.


Medication Forms

If your child has a medical condition which requires us to keep their medication here at the centre, there are multiple forms that we require. If you are providing us with medication, Please contact the director to discuss which forms you need to fill out.

We encourage all new families to please fill out our Child Input Form so that we can get to know your more! Once you have filled it out, please email it back to us and we will try and incorporate your child's interest into our centre.

Child Input Form

Parent Handbook 

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