After School Care

Hours of operation: 3:00pm - 6:00pm


After School Care at LAC provides your child with fun, safe and engaging care for their afternoon. Children have a number of opportunities to decide how they would like to spend their afternoon. Our key principle of ‘free play’ allows the children to choose how they would like to spend their afternoon. The centre also offers structured activities in the afternoon based around a weekly theme that influences craft, cooking and group activities. Our educators set up and supervise our programmed activities to ensure that they are running smoothly, whilst also engaging with the children and ensuring that they are safe and enjoying their afternoon.


Afternoon Routine

After the bell rings, the K-2 children come down to LAC to get their name marked off the roll. They also get their temperature checked, and then sit on mats in their year groups to have some fruit and afternoon tea. The children in years 3-6 go to Palm to do the same. 

When the children have finished eating, they picked where they want to spend their afternoon. We offer a range of space in addition to our centre which cater for all children's needs, including:

  • Palm

  • Ginkgo

  • Kindy Room 

  • Craft Room


After helping to pack up, the children are offered second food break at 5:00pm. The children are provided with a light snack,  to help them recover from a full afternoon of playing. After the second snack, the children are allowed to play calm and quiet games run by the educators until closing at 6pm.

Kindy Room 

'Kindy Room' is a part of our program for Kindergarten students at our centre. Held in one of the kindy classrooms, 'Kindy Room' is an area only accessible by Kindergartens and Year 6 helpers. This is an age appropriate program full of activities specially designed to help children develop new friendships in their first year of school in a quiet, calm and relaxed environment. The Kindergartens are able to choose if they want to go to kindy room, or do something else.

Craft Room

The craft room is another room we have access to which is specifically designated to fun and creative craft and activities. It is an opportunity for the educators to run meaningful activities and help the children with anything they are creating. Craft room is a calm and relaxing environment that allows children to unwind after a day full of learning!

Tech Time

Tech Time is a new initiative we have introduced at the centre to provide our older children with a greater range of activities that suit their interests more. Every afternoon, between 4:30 and 5:00, children in years 5 and 6 have the option to bring out their electronic device and use it for homework or other educational activities. The children are required to tell an educator when they are using it, and they will be supervised through out the time. 

2021 Term 2 Weekly Programs