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Before School Care


Lindfield Activity Centre Before School Care service provides a calm and relaxed start to your child’s day at school. It is an environment where the children can choose how they would like to start their morning – whether it be enjoying a nutritious breakfast, engaging in a number of activities inside or playing outside.


Our hours of care are from 7:15am until the start of school at 9:00am – however when the ‘first bell’ rings at 8:30am older children are allowed to leave and start their day at school. Kindergartens are given special care and supervised on their walk to the morning assembly.

Our breakfast menu is based around giving the children a healthy start to the day, the Guidelines suggest providing children with dairy, cereals and grains in the morning. Breakfast is available between 7:15am until 8:40am with a variety of food and drink such as toast, cereal, pancakes, milk, etc. 

Structured activities are not programmed for the Before School Care service and children are encouraged to engage with a range of activities. Children are given the opportunity to use any of the resources in our centre through free play - a principle that is heavily embedded in our service. Outside activities are open after 7:30am in which the children have an opportunity to play sports such as cricket, handball, skipping etc.

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