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Terms of Enrolment

Permanent Bookings

If you plan on keeping a regular schedule of days throughout the term then it is recommended that you make permanent bookings for your child in order to secure them a place. All families will need to re-confirm their enrolment in mid Term 4 for the next year.

2024 Fees

Before School Care:

  • Permanent Booking - $11.50

  • Casual Booking - $12.50

After School Care:

  • Permanent Booking - $24.50

  • Casual Booking - $25.50

Vacation Care:

  • In-Centre - $80.00

  • Excursion - $100.00

Our programs are eligible for CCS. To claim:

  • Ensure you have created a Becklyn parent portal account

  • Please ensure you have provided the centre with relevant CRN numbers in your child's enrolment form.

  • Ensure you accept the Enrolment Notice via MyGov whenever your child's enrolment changes. 


Cancellation of Permanent Bookings

If you wish to cancel a permanent booking then you need to inform the Nominated Supervisor in writing one week before.


Changing your Enrolment

If you have requested to change your permanent bookings you will receive a confirmation email once the changes have been made. You are then required to: 

  • Log onto the Becklyn portal and accept the Complying Written Agreement electronically. Please email the centre if you have not received a username.

  • log onto your mygov account and accept the new Enrolment Notice. 


All Centrelink subsidy payments will cease unless you accept the Enrolment Notice through mygov. 

Casual Bookings

If you don’t plan on keeping a regular schedule of days then you may book your child in on a casual basis (limited number of casual places are normally available, subject to permanent bookings).


This may be done in person, on the phone 0427 911 657 or send an email to . If you require care for your child and it is after 9:00am on the day you must contact the school office so they can alert your child that they will be attending After School Care.

Notifying the Centre of an Absence

If your child is absent on a day they are booked in for After School Care you need to contact the Centre as soon as possible. You may leave a message on 0427 911 657 or send an email to





Invoices are sent fortnightly and directly debitted a few days later. If you have a questions about your invoice, please send an email to to ensure we can resolve it. 

Child Care Subsidy Scheme

 Lindfield Activity Centre is eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy benefits for Before and After School Care as well as Vacation Care. Please ensure that you have provided us with relevant CRN numbers on enrolment.

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