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Our menu tries to incorporate some new foods from various cultures around the world. If you know your child is a fussy eater we encourage you to let us know some of the different foods they enjoy at home are so we can continue to provide an inclusive centre for all







Our breakfast options have been chosen in consultation with the Healthy Eating Guidelines. The Guidelines suggest providing children with dairy, cereals and grains in the morning to give them a good start to the day. Children have the opportunity to choose what they would like to eat and breakfast is open all morning from 7:15am until 8:30am.

Our breakfast menu therefore provides children with the option of:

  • Sultana Bran, Corn flakes, Rice Bubbles or Weet Bix

  • Milk or or Water

  • Fresh Fruit

  • Toast, raisin toast & english muffins with a selection of condiments

  • Special option each day 


Before children eat breakfast, they must wash their hands in the aim of setting up good hygiene practices and to stop the spread of germs and infectious diseases. Children usually can prepare their breakfast under the supervision of an educator, however during this Covid-19 period, the educator prepares breakfast for the children. Children also sit around the kitchen tables in a calm and social environment. We use this time to talk about healthy eating choices, hygiene & suggestions for upcoming menus. 


Afternoon Tea

Our afternoon tea options have been chosen in consultation with the Healthy Eating Guidelines. The Guidelines suggest providing children with dairy, grains, fruit & vegetables and protein. We also base our menu off surveys that the children complete at the end of each term.

The Afternoon tea is served at 3.15pm includes:

  • A platter of seasonal fruit and vegetables

  • Afternoon Snack which may include a cooked meal 

  • Water is available at all times 


Late snack is served around 5pm and includes: 

  • A light snack that can at times prepared or cooked by the children during the afternoon.


Before children eat afternoon tea they are encouraged to wash their hands to maintain proper hygiene and to reduce spreading germs and infectious diseases. Children sit down in a relaxed, calm and social environment with their friends and educators. Educators model healthy eating by serving food hygienically, encouraging children to eat fruit and modelling good eating practices. A copy of the menu is available to view in the centre's kitchen, in the office area and on our website under 'Menu'.


Cooking Activities
We encourage children to help our Educators to cook and prepare our late snack for 5pm. During this time children are given the opportunity to develop their cooking skills, talk about healthy eating, as well as provide suggestions and feedback for our weekly menu. When children help with the preparation of late snack, they always wash their hands and wear gloves. 

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