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Enrolling your child in our service

Enrolment Procedure

If you are planning on enrolling your child into the centre please follow these steps:

  1. Send an email inquiry through to the following email address: 

  2. Use the provided login information (received via email) to create an enrolment through the linked portal below

Please ensure that your enrolment and your requested bookings have been approved on the portal before attempting to send your child.

Changing your Enrolment

If you have requested to change your permanent bookings you will receive a confirmation email once the changes have been made. You are then required to: 

  • Log onto the Becklyn portal and accept the Complying Written Agreement electronically. Please email the centre if you have not received a username.

  • log onto your mygov account and accept the new Enrolment Notice. 

All Centrelink subsidy payments will cease unless you accept the Enrolment Notice through mygov. 

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